Episode 1.1

Friends gather at Washington Estate to celebrate and party, little do they know they are not alone.

Episode 1.2

This episode takes place one year after Heather and her sister went missing to the explanation of why everyone is where they are.

Episode 1.3

As everyone reaches the top of the mountain they make their back to Washington Estate.

Episode 1.4

Everyone finally arrives at the cabin and are locked in the cold due to a frozen lock. Chris and Josh look for a way in to get warm while everyone is left in the cold.

Episode 1.5

Mike and Jess start to make their way to the guest cabin to separate themselves from the group

Episode 1.6

Stuck with cold water for her bath Sam goes with Josh to the basement to turn on the boiler on for hot water.

Episode 1.7

Josh, Ash, and Chris hold a séance with a sprite board. Meanwhile Jess and Mike are still making their way to the guest cabin.

Episode 1.8

Mike tries desperately to set the mood for himself and Jess in the guest cabin. Meanwhile Ashley and Chris follow up on the spirit board lead

Episode 1.9

Mike races against to clock to save Jess after she was abducted from the guest cabin. Meanwhile Chris comes too and searches for Ashley.

Episode 1.10

Chris decides between Ashley and Josh. Meanwhile Mike explores the abandoned sanitarium.

Episode 1.11

Mike continues to explore the abandoned sanitarium. 

Episode 1.12

Mike makes his way deeper into the abandoned sanitarium. Meanwhile Emma and Matt work on trying to get help up to the mountain.

Episode 1.13

Sam is interrupted while taking her bath and is forced to search around the house for everyone in her towel. 

Episode 1.14

Emily and Matt are still on their way to the ranger tower in an effort to find help. 

Episode 1.15

Ashley and Chris return to an empty house, after Josh's horible death. With no sign of Sam the two explore to try and find clues to locatle Sam. 

Episode 1.16

Ashley and Chris continue to explore the ruins of the old hotel in search of Sam.

Episode 1.17

Sam continues to evade the psychopath. Meanwhile Emily comes too hanging by a rope and needs to work her way out of the mines.

Episode 1.18

Emily continues to make her way out of the mine, and we find out the fate of Chris and Ashley. 

Episode 1.19

Chris and Mike separate Josh from the rest of the group after learning he is behind everything. Meanwhile Emily is not out of danger yet, will she get to the cabin safely? 

Episode 1.20

Episode 1.20
Chris and The Stranger are on a rescue mission to get Josh after finding out that they were not alone on the mountain. Meanwhile everyone else seeks shelter in the basement.

Episode 1.21

Mike goes back to the abandoned sanitarium to find Josh and get the keys to the lift to get off the mountain.

Episode 1.22

After Mike sees an old film reel he finishes exploring the abandoned sanitarium

Episode 1.23

Ashley, Emily, and Sam explore the tunnels to try and meet Mike at the Sanatorium to give him info about the wendigo.

Episode 1.24

Josh finally comes to terms with his past and the choices he mad. Meanwhile Mike and Sam make their final decent.

Episode 1.25

Finally Morning.