Change is coming :)

Hey all i really not sure how many people come visit this page but this website will be under construction. So please bare with me as i make the changes :) 

Derpycon! 2015

I had a chance to attend Derpycon! 2015 and I had a blast! Even had a chance to take some photos and put them in a gallery! 

New Jersey Comic Expo 2015

I had a chance to go to New Jersey Comic Expo on 11/21/15 and I had a blast! Even Took Some Photos! I did have a great time, and Can't Wait for next year! Click on the image to see the gallery! 

Apple White at the Beach

So for all you Ever After High fans I recently attended a Cosplay Beach Day event and had the pleasure of seeing one of my Favorite Cosplayers Torihime sporting a bathing suit she made herself for her Beach Themed Apple White! :) To see the full gallery click the image to see the full gallery. 

Pricing Guide

I have recently updated my pricing, please see it below or on the Prices|Contact Page


  • Location Shoot: 85.00 (up to 60 mins of Travel)
  • Studio Shoot: 135.00
  • Cons: 25.00

What You Get


  • 8-10 Edited Photos for publicity use on social media
  • 75 Minute Photo Shoot


  • 30 Minute Photo Shoot
  • 5 Edited Photos to use for publicity on Social Media


  • If you are interested in selling prints please contact me. 
  • If the distance to meet you is travel more then 60 minutes (without traffic) there is gas fee of +$40
  • Any questions feel free to message me. 

From Hiatus to Danganronpa

Hey all sorry for not posting since Christmas of 2014, I took a little hiatus because of work. I am back now and here with ALL NEW CONTENT! Starting off for all you Danganronpa fans I have a new Theme Gallery section with the first entry Featuring all Danganronpa Characters!

 Click Image to be Take to Dangan Ranpa Gallery 

Click Image to be Take to Dangan Ranpa Gallery 

Few Gallery Additions Today

Just Added to my galleries is Thomas S. as Red Card Twisted Fate from League of Legends; 

For you Fairy Tail fans here is Spufflez as Aries

For all Marvel fans out there Captain America with non other than the owner of Logan's Closet 

"Who you gonna call? " Drew M

"Who you gonna call?" That is right you are going to call Drew M.

Just added today is Drew M. in is screen accurate Ghostbusters uniform, proton pack, ghost trap, and pke meter.  

These were taken at New York Comic Con 2014. 

New Cosplays Added

Just added photo galleries today is Lindsay M's Red Card Katrina from League of Legends. This shoot was done at New York Comic Con 2014 

In addition to Red Card Katrina I have also uploaded Katastrophe Cosplay Zatanna cosplay shoot from this years New York Comic Con 2014

Also do not forget to check out Katastrophe's cosplay page on facebook.

Katastrophe Cosplay